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The Basics

9 Races or Challenges from February to the End of October


5 “Monuments Races” – Nine Day Races

3 “Grand Tour Races” – 23 Days Races

1 Championships – Nine Day Race

1 Points Leader/Champion


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The Racing Experience


What is VCC Racing? VCC Racing (Velo Cruz Cycling Racing) is virtual racing…but with a real world twist.

In VCC Racing, all of your miles, elevation, & cycling activities have different values and add up to a point value in our race point system.

The Cyclist & racer that has the most points at the end of each race, wins that race.

The Cyclist or Racer that has the most points at the end of the Race Season is crowned the Overall VCC Points Champion 


What kind of cycling counts while racing? All of it.

– Gravel, Mountain, Road, Peloton, Garage Training sessions, & commutes…all count in VCC Racing. You will always get the most bang for your buck with a long, hilly road ride….but if you only have time for a quick spin or want to mix it up off-road.

All of those miles & efforts count.

Just share your workouts and we’ll tally up your points.


Who is the competition? Anyone that is signed up. They could be…

– The cyclist commuting to work

-The triathlete in the next city

– The Peloton Rider in the next state

– Or the weekend warrior in another country.



The Race Season starts out with the smaller “Monuments Series”. These are 9-Day races that honor the Monuments of Cycling History. They cover 2 weekends with 5 weekdays in the middle.

The Monument Series Races allow you to get your racing legs, get some points on the board for the Yearly Ranking within the VCC Race Community, and lead you into the Grand Tour Races segment of the Race Season.



The “Grand Tours Race Series” are longer, 23-Day races that run parallel to the Professional Grand Tour Races: The Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France, & The Vuelta de Espana.

A little bit more planning & strategy are required in the Grand Tour format. You are racing over 3 weeks (4 weekends with 15 weekdays), right along with the pros and within the VCC Race Community. This is where you can really rack up valuable VCC Ranking Points, try new tactics, win individual Jerseys, finish on top of the podium. Race individually or compete with your team of 3 and go for team glory.

Over the 3 weeks of racing, you are locked into a battle of attrition. You’ll need the total package to compete & succeed: mental, cardio, legs, strategy & tactics.

With this race format, you’ll need to check in with the daily leaderboard to spot trends and patterns of the competition.

You are racing “blind” everyday, as you really do not know what your competition will do…but studying their in-race efforts will give you some knowledge, as to when to plan your attack, make up ground, or put down more miles between you and the overall peloton.


Understanding your competition within the live race will allow you to shift your race strategy, as needed:

– Maybe you’ve got a podium spot locked up, but the KOM Jersey is still within reach with a few climbing sessions in the final days of the race.

– Maybe the race outcome is settled, but a few more long rides will help collect valuable points & help you climb the Overall Yearly VCC Rankings.

– Maybe you’ve hit your mileage goals 3 Races/Challenges in a row and you are going for 4…keeping your streak alive.

– Win, Lose, or Challenge Accomplished…you’ll be collecting VCC Ranking Points all year long.


THE VCC CHAMPIONSHIPS: This is a 9-Day Race to end the 2022 Race Season.


The VCC Championships is the best of the best going against one another in the final race of the season.

It is the last chance to podium and win VCC points.


The Following Racers Qualify for the Final Race:

– All Podium Finishers for the Monuments & Grand Tour Race Series Races

– All Individual Grand Tour Jersey Winners (GC/Green/KOM/White)

– The Top 20 VCC Ranked Racers

– Any VCC Racer that completes any 2 Monument Series Races & any 1 Grand Tour Race in a single race season




This Award goes to the Cyclist that is the Top Ranked & Overall Points Leader for 2022.

Day in, Day out they have logged the miles & climbed the hills.

Ride after ride, session after session, race after race….they have performed with consistency and guts to finish on top of the VCC Rankings with the Most VCC Points.










How Do I Race?



How Does the VCC Racing Scoring Work?

Here is a breakdown of the Point Values in VCC Racing:

  • 10 Points – 50 Miles
  • 2 points – 1000 ft of Elevation Gain
  • 3, 2, 1 Points – Podium Finishers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • 10 Points – Jersey Winner (Grand Tours Race)
  • 10, 9, 8, … Points – Top 10 Finish (10th, 9th, 8th, …)

*Rounding Down – So If you ride 99 miles (not 100) you’ll score 10 points.


So if a cyclist races in a  9-Day Monuments Race Effort is the following:

356 Miles (70 Points)

21,344 Ft (42 Points)

Finished 2nd Overall – (2 Points)

Top 10 Finish  (9 Points)

Overall Race Points  (123 Points)


So if a cyclist races in a  23-Day Grand Tour Race and their effort is the following:

866 Miles (170 Points)

64,000 Ft (128 Points)

Finished 2nd Overall (2 Points)

Top 10 Finish (9 Points)

Green Jersey Winner (10 Points)

KOM Jersey Winner (10 Points)

Overall Race Points – (329 Points)








How Do I Win?

There are lots of ways to win in the 2022 VCC Race Season



Each Monuments Series Race will with have the following winners

“Podium Finishers” – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place



Each Grand Tour Race will have the following winners:

“Podium Finishers” – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place

4 Jersey Winners

  • Overall/GC – Pink/Yellow/Red – Overall GC/Most Miles
  • Green: Sprinter’s Jersey – “Fastest to 500 Miles”
  • KOM: Polka Dot – Most Elevation Gained
  • White: Most Cycling Activities


Top Team (Teams of 3): Build the Best Team to Be the Best Team

Does he commute 5 days a week? Is she logging double days on the Peloton? Is he obsessed with climbing?

Put together the strongest team to go head to head with other teams over 23 days.


Most Combative – This award goes to the racer that puts forth the most unique & strenuous effort to finish the race.


VCC Champion:

The Final Race of the Year. Only 1 Champion.

Go head to head with all of the podium finishers & Jersey winners from the entire Race Season.


VCC Points Champion:

Your effort, miles, elevation, activities…all go into determining your Overall Ranking and Points Total.

Collecting Podium Finishes, Jerseys, & Racing in Multiple Races will build your VCC Ranking and Overall Point Total.




How Do I Register For a Race?
How Do I Design My Race Season?
What is the VCC Ranking?
How Do I Qualify for the VCC Championships?

The Easy Way. Sign up and race in any 2 Monuments Race Series Races + 1 Grand Tour Race within the VCC Race Season.

The Hard Way. Any Podium Finisher, Jersey Winner, and/or Top 20 Ranked Racer automatically qualifies for the VCC Championships.


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